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Areos Hotel in Athens

Areos in Athens opened its doors in summer 2008, ready to accommodate travelers from all over the world who seek design and quality standards in their accommodation, as well as high quality service. Our group’s common effort represents the meaning of real Greek Hospitality.

Modern cities’ fast pace of life, leave little room for relaxation, while human bonds are getting harder and harder to keep. This is why we concentrate on our internal environment to be as pleasant as possible, and we take care of our customers not simply as customers but as people who we give our hospitality to.

Areos was actually named after its vital location next to Areos Park. It is located very close to the metro at Platia Victoria, which makes it directly accessible from either Athens International Airport or Piraeus Port.

Areos Park was made to honor the heroes of the 1821 revolution, and named after the Greek god Ares, the god of war in Greek mythology. Areos Park’s recent reformation offers its visitors times of relaxation as well as numerous activities. It has its own skateboard park, dirt paths for running, walking and bicycling to name a few.

Areos Park’s Theater has been upgraded to a multipurpose space that connects people with nature while attending different projects. Minoan Maze, Rodonas, Platania all are routes that one should visit and walk at while being among trees, bushes and different types of plants. All areas are accessible for people with disabilities.

Areos hotel is located near:

  • Pedion Areos Park 200m - 2min walk
  • National Archaeological Museum 400m - 4min walk
  • National Theater of Greece 1,1km - 14min walk
  • Kypseli Municipal Market 1,4km - 19min walk
  • Fokionos Negri 1,5km - 19min walk
  • Central Municipal Athens Market 1,5km - 19min walk
  • Academy of Athens 1,6km - 20min walk
  • Syntagma Square 2,0km - 25min walk
  • Ancient Agora of Athens 2,2km - 27min walk
  • Roman Forum 2,2km - 28min walk
  • National Garden 2,2km - 28min walk
  • Likavittos 2,2km - 37min walk & cable car to the top
  • Zappio Megaro 2,4km - 32min walk
  • Acropolis of Athens 2,7km - 35min walk
  • Acropolis Museum 2,9km - 37min walk
  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus 2,8km - 36min walk
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus 2,8km - 36min walk
  • Panathenaic Stadium 3km - 39min walk

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